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Specs and Features

The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak is a rugged, two person inflatable craft, able to carry up to 500 pounds when inflated properly. Like many comparable kayaks in this price range, the 330 features an I-beam construction, 300 mil thick exterior and excellent and tough welded seams.

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Features of this craft also include inflatable spray skirts, along with front and rear rope handles. A self draining valve is very handy for those rougher rides on rapids and white water. When fully inflated, the 330 measures just over eleven feet long and 34 inches wide. One thing we liked was the full three-year warranty included from the manufacturer.  This is a definite plus and shows that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind the product.


This model kayak is about as light as you can get for a 2-person craft, weighing in at only 26 pounds. Easy enough for a teenager to carry, but large enough to fit two people comfortably. The pro version comes with a storage/carrying bag, so you will be good to go from the day the kayak arrives.  Keep it in your trunk for quick jaunts or store it at home without being bulky.

Handling and Comfort

Although the Sea Eagle 330 can handle two people, and up to 500 pounds, it is definitely more comfortable as a one person craft, especially if you have long legs. Storing items for the trip is much more doable with one person in the craft as well. Handling and steering are excellent, mainly because of the two skegs that are attached to the underside of the kayak. With a little practice, its pretty easy to go pretty straight and with some speed. These types of kayaks will never be speed demons in the open water, but some are better for speed than others. When heavy wind is present, paddling can be a real chore though. Where this kayak really shines is on small rivers and streams where paddling for speed is really not an issue.

Price and Value

The Sea Eagle 330 is in the mid range price for a kayak, coming it at around $300 for the pro version. You can find shorter and less sturdy kayaks for less money, but remember that many of the less expensive kayaks do not come with a pump, paddles, or carrying cases. This pro version of the Sea Eagle 330 comes with two 8-foot AB30 paddles, two kayak seats, a foot pump, and a storage bag. We would give this kayak 4 stars for overall value and price.
[Reviewed by: Jonathon Mendleheisen]

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