| Advanced Elements Air Pump Review |

Advanced Elements makes a terrific line of inflatable kayaks, so it makes sense that they would manufacturer excellent accessories that are essential for kayaking enthusiasts.  The Advanced Elements double action pressure pump is just one of the many accessories in their product line.  This article covers some of the features and benefits of the pump.


You might think that all air pumps are the same, but as with any product, the manner and materials in which it is constructed will determine the reliability, performance, and how long the pump will last.  We found the Advanced Elements double action air pump to be as durable and solid as they come.  It measures about 19 inches tall and weighs only one pound. Some may find it a bit cumbersome to take along inside an inflatable kayak or boat.  The manufacturer claims that the handle and foot plate are “ergonomically designed”.  That may be true, but we found it to be inconsequential in the performance of the pump.  Rest assured, this pump is solid and our guess is that it will last quite awhile with proper care.


One nice feature of the Advanced Elements pump is that the air flow is constant. The pump inflates on both up and down strokes. This feature essentially cuts the time spent inflating in half.  At the end of the day when your inflatable kayak or boat needs deflating, this pump will do the job nicely. It deflates fast by simply changing the hose connector.  A pressure gauge is built into the pump so that you can monitor the exact pressure going into your craft.  This feature is extremely important because inflatable kayaks and canoes need to be filled to manufacturers specifications for maximum performance.  The Advanced Elements pump pressure gauge ranges from 1 to 16 PSI, more than enough pressure for most any inflatable kayak, boat, or canoe.


We like that fact that the pump deflates as well as inflates.  At the end of a long day, this is definitely a time and hassle saver.  Because it is a manual pump, the functionality gives the user much more control over the amount of air being expelled from the pump than an electric pump.   This is important, especially if you only need a pressure of 1 PSI – literally only 1-2 pumps of air to reach that level.  The larger size of the pump equates to more air being pumped for each stroke.


As far as drawbacks to this product, we must say that the hose adaptor can be an issue.  It may be the least well constructed portion of the pump, which is unfortunate since the adaptor is where the “rubber meets the road”, so to speak.  To alleviate these types of problems, always be sure that the adaptor fits tight in the valve so it cannot fall out easily.

In addition, hold the pump and adaptor hose steady while pumping.  Because this is a product that is not foot operated, it could be a little rough on the back of the person pumping.  Because it inflates on both strokes however, this should not be an issue for most.  If your back hurts using this pump, you probably shouldn’t be kayaking or canoeing in the first place!  Instructions are included on the pump itself. No separate instructions are needed.


The Advanced Elements Double Action Pump with pressure gauge sells for around $35. You can find manual pumps for less, but of course you will forfeit many features that make this pump worth the extra money.  With proper care, the pump should last for years.  Advanced Elements is a reputable company as well, so check into any warranties that are available, either from the company itself, or your local retailer.  We give this double action pump 4.5 stars.  Look for it at your favorite sporting goods store, or get Advanced Elements pump here on Amazon.com

Reviewed by: Jonathon Mendleheisen