| Advanced Elements Frame Convertible Inflatable Kayak |

The Advanced Elements Frame Convertible Inflatable kayak is an inflatable craft that can be used with one or two persons comfortably. Although not the cheapest inflatable kayak on the market today, this one is definitely worth considering if you are looking for an inflatable craft that will not only stand up to a variety of environments, but large enough to be comfortable for long rides as well.


The kayak features a full three layers of ultra resistant material to resist punctures and tears during normal use. As with most kayaks that are not considered “toys”, this Advanced Elements kayak has padded seats along with plenty of room for storage – including a handy, dry storage compartment.
It even has a convenient place to store paddles too.

The kayak features extra aluminum ribs that can be inserted along the bottom of the boat for increased stability and handling. These “ribs” essentially help define the bow and stern. The only drawback is that the seats must be pulled in order to insert these metal ribs. Doing this takes a little extra time, but the increased stability is worth it depending on the kind of water you will be traversing.

As far as passenger weight goes, the manufacturer suggests a maximum weight of 500 pounds, so two average adults and a child can ride easily.

Ease of Use

This Advanced Elements inflatable kayak model is surprisingly easy to setup and take down. When inflating, it is recommended that a gauge pump be used so that you will know the the exact pressure that is required for maximum efficiency. Set up time from beginning to end is usually around 20-30 minutes depending on the size pump used.

Because of the this kayak’s size, always be sure to allow enough time to dry. A full hour may be needed to dry the kayak completely. If not dried thoroughly, mildew may result when stored over a period of time. As is the case with many manufacturers, the carrying case seems to be quite small for a craft of this size. You will have trouble fitting everything into the case provided so make plans to carry and stow the kayak in an alternate carrying device or case.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this Advanced Elements inflatable kayak is the sheer weight of the product. Coming in at almost 60 pounds, this model is almost twice the weight of sturdy and less expensive, models. If you plan on doing a considerable amount of solo kayaking, this could be a major factor into your decision.

Overall Price and Value

The Advanced Elements Frame Convertible kayak is priced around $500. There are other less inexpensive inflatable crafts on the market. However, you won’t go wrong purchasing this model Considering the sheer size, weight and quality of construction. If the extra weight and few minutes of set up time are not a bother, this inflatable kayak should serve you well for many years of kayaking fun.

Reviewed by: Jonathon Mendleheisen