| 5 Tips for Purchasing a Clear Bottom Inflatable Kayak |

Clear Bottom Inflatable Kayak

by Jonathan Mendleheisen

For those that enjoy kayaking will double their enjoyment of their kayaking by purchasing a clear bottom inflatable kayak. Here are few tips to help guide you on your purchase of a transparent bottom kayak.

Tip #1: Decide on how many people will be riding in your kayak.

Clear bottom kayaks generally come in one or two passenger models. If you are looking for more speed, a one person kayak would probably be a better choice. The two person model if designed for more leisurely rides. Much of your time will be spent gazing at the bottom of the water, so speed will probably not be an issue either way.

Tip #2: Insist on a kayak that is rugged and sturdy.

You will want your clear bottom kayak to be able to handle fresh and salt water kayaking. Let’s face it, clear ocean water will provide some of the best sites below, so don’t skimp on ruggedness and durability.

Tip #3: Decide on how you will transport your kayak.

Not all kayak models come with specially designed carrying cases for easy transport. Your clear bottom kayak could be carried in a 35-50 gallon tub, but you will find that a custom carrying case is a much better way to transport the boat.

Tip #4: Choose a Kayak model with adjustable seats and ample storage.

The ability to adjust the seats and back supports is very important, especially if a variety of people (and body types) will be using your inflatable kayak. The Clear Blue Hawaii Hanauma Two Passenger Inflatable Kayak is one model that features adjustable seats. The seats also include fanny packs, gear pouches, bottle holders, and fasteners for dive flags so the kayak can serve as a dive platform.

Tip #5: Be sure your kayak carries a suitable warranty.

A kayak is like any other consumer good in that it should perform as the manufacturer claims it will. Check the manufacturers fine print for the life and terms of the warranty. Most reputable manufacturers will stand behind their products, but it is imperative that you know the warranty terms before your purchase.

Clear Blue Hawaii Hanauma Two Passenger Inflatable Kayak

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