| Prowler Trident 13 Inflatable Fishing Kayak Review |

Review by: Jonathon Mendleheisen

If you are looking for an excellent fishing kayak, the Prowler Trident 13 Angler is worth a good look.  The craft is a kayak that you literally “sit on top”.  It maneuvers well and has terrific performance and stability – two things that are essential for a good fishing kayak.

The Trident 13 is actually a scaled-down version of the popular Trident 15.  What makes the Trident 13 unique is that it was designed by kayak fisherman that were interested in maximizing the Trident 15 features into a 13-foot hull.  This kayak features adjustable foot braces that allow an easy ride, especially in slower moving rivers and inland waterways.

The kayak also features a “RodPod” that allows for easy access to fishing rods without having to move from a seated position.  You will also like that fact that this kayak features side-mounted carrying handles, a small tackle box, and even a molded cup holder for your favorite beverage as you fish for your favorite species.

The Trident 13 has extra foam padding that provides comfort and support. The seat is four-way adjustable so that it can accomodate just about any body type. Sit-on-top kayaks have similar hull shapes to similar kayaks. The difference is that rather than sitting inside the kayak, the rider sits in a molded depression on top. Thus the name, “sit on top” kayak. With this type of kayak, the rider can safely enjoy kayaking without have to master tricky maneuvers and kayaking skills.

The sit on top models are perfect for kayakers of all ages. Its easy to soon feel like an expert in one of these crafts. The Trident 13 is made from the finest medium-density plyethylene, a material that is very rugged and virtually indestructable under normal use.  This kayak can hold up to 475 pounds. (not recommended for more than one rider however)

Be sure to keep this product out of the sun when not being used. Exposure to the sun over long periods can break down the plastic.  We recommend storing in a covered area or under a tarp when not in use.

Trident Inflatable Fishing Kayak

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