| Exponent Fastback Coleman Inflatable Kayak Review |

Coleman has been a well-known brand name in the camping industry for many years. What some people don’t know is that they also make excellent inflatable kayaks as well.

Coleman Exponent Fastback Inflatable Kayak

The Coleman Fastback Inflatable Kayak is suitable for both the novice kayaker and the experienced pro too. It is ideal for pond, lake, river, even whitewater kayaking. This model is a 1-person boat that is just shy of 11 feet long when inflated. It is constructed of durable nylon (woven and laminated on the bottom) and comes with a heavy-duty cover.

The hull that surrounds the inflatable core is sturdy enough to withstand rocks, sticks and other hazards that one might encounter when kayaking in a river or stream. Safety and convenience features abound on this kayak model, including a water-resistant pouch, mesh storage, pull handles and multiple D-ring hooks. The double lock inflate valve virtually guarantees no leakage.

Transporting and Storage

At just under 29 pounds, the Fastback can be easily transported to your favorite kayaking destination.
It is easily transported with no extra car carrier needed. This model does not include a carry or storage bag however. One idea for transporting the kayak is to store it inside a plastic tub that fits nicely into the backseat of your car. A 35 gallon tub would be ample room once deflated.


The seat is comfortable and provides excellent back support for comfort on long rides. Because your legs will be completely surrounded by the kayak, plan on your legs getting warm, especially on a hot day.


If it is your first time in a kayak, you will find the Coleman Exponent Fastback to be easy to navigate without feeling “tippy”. This kayak should be able to handle class 3 whitewater, and for more experienced kayakers, class IV should not be too tough to handle either.


This kayak is an excellent value. Plan on spending somewhere between $250-300. If you shop around, you might be able to pick up this kayak at a hefty discount, especially during the off season months. This kayak does not come equipped with a paddle, so be sure to include the purchase of one to your total outlay.

Reviewed by Jonathon Mendleheisen

Coleman Inflatable Kayak