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Intex Seahawk 400

Intex Seahawk 400

The Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable boat is a recreational craft that is great for boating or fishing on calm rivers, ponds, and lakes. Although not an inflatable kayak or canoe per se, the Intex Seahawk 400 caters to the person who would like a sturdy inflatable boat to use for a variety of recreational activities.


The Intex Seahawk 400 is made of 30 gauge PVC vinyl that is surprisingly sturdy and rugged.  30 gauge vinyl will resist damage from impacts, abrasions, sunlight, as well as rocks and logs.  This type of vinyl is also unaffected by saltwater, gasoline, or oil.  No extra precautions are needed for saltwater boating or motors.

This inflatable is constructed with two air chambers as well as an inner hull chamber and an inflatable floor. Other features include welded oarlocks, along with two fishing rod holders that are located on opposite ends of the craft.


One of the nice aspects of the Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable boat is that everything that is needed to get on the water quickly is included.  The boat comes with oars that are collapsible, plus two inflatable seats.  The company also throws in a small gear bag, some rope and two fishing pole holders that were mentioned above.

When inflated, this inflatable boat is extremely sturdy, probably due to the 30 gauge material that is used throughout its construction. Although the manufacturer suggests that the boat can handle up to four people, (maximum of 814 pounds) we recommend that two people plus gear, such as a cooler and other assorted traveling items, are a perfect fit for an all-day excursion.


One interesting aspect of the Intex Seahawk 400 is that the inflatable floor section does not have the same kind of valves as the other inflatable compartments.  It is smaller and cheaper and not as easy to use.  Some users complain that the floor is not a sturdy as the other parts of the boat itself.

If you plan on doing a lot of fishing with this inflatable boat, keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to stand up while fishing.  It is even a challenge to have two people fishing in the boat at the same time.  Also keep in mind that the craft is inflatable, so you’ll need to keep those fishing hooks and other sharp objects off the floor or anywhere near an area that can be punctured.

We found that the Intex Seahawk 400 was very difficult to maneuver when there is a lot of wind.  Because it is a boat and not shaped like a kayak or canoe, it is much more difficult to steer unless the water is calm and there is not a lot of wind present.  We suggest that you not use this boat for long excursions far away from shore.  The last thing you want is a sudden storm to come up while trying to have it your way back to shore and heavy winds.


Amazingly, the Intex Seahawk 400 inflatable boat is priced under $100.  At that price, there is certainly a lot of value for your money.  In fact, you may be able to buy the Seahawk 400 on Amazon for less than $70.  That is not much more that you would pay for a simple blow up raft that you would use in your backyard pool!

Overall value

The size, sturdy construction and overall price of this inflatable boat model make it a terrific choice for those who want an inflatable craft that can be used in a variety of recreational situations.  You won’t be able to use this inflatable boat on quick moving streams and rivers, but for calmer waters, it is a terrific choice.

Reviewed by: Jon Mendleheisen