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The Sevylor Tahiti Classic inflatable kayak has been manufactured for over 40 years. In fact, the Tahiti is the oldest model of all the Sevylor inflatable boats.

Design and Look

Produced since 1963, the bright yellow Tahiti Classic is a 10 foot, 7 inch inflatable kayak that can handle two riders – up to 400 pounds maximum weight. This kayak also features specially designed inflatable seats with back support for comfort on longer rides.  Weight of the craft is only 27 pounds – much less than some other comparable kayaks. Because of this, some reviewers complain that this kayak is no more than an inflatable toy.  Most would agree that the Tahiti is a fun and inexpensive kayak that can handle all but the most demanding of tasks.


Because of its light weight, this kayak is easy to carry from one destination to another.  It fills and deflates easily and quickly, but be sure to bring your own air pump – the Tahiti does not come with its own.   A good foot pump will save you time however.  The Sevylor Super Turbo Foot Pump makes filling the kayak easy as pie.

The kayak has boston valves, which is a definite plus for a craft of this size.  The drain at the bottom of the kayak makes it easy to let water out if needed. Be aware that its light weight may affect its control through the water.  This model is not recommended for rough rapids, but slow moving streams and calmer lakes would fit it just nicely.


The Tahiti Classic inflatable kayak is on the low end of the price range for comparable models, coming in at around $100.  Keep in mind though – this kayak does not come with an air pump or paddles so plan on spending more after purchase. If you are a serious kayaker, a more expensive model may fit your requirements better.  But for the first time kayaker, or if you plan on using it with kids, the Tahiti Classic is a terrific low end starter kayak.
[Reviewed by: Jonathon Mendleheisen]


Sevylor Classic Tahiti Inflatable Kayak

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