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Stearns Back Country Inflatable CanoeStearns is a well known name in the inflatable canoe market, and rightly so. They have put together a real winner with the Stearns Back Country Inflatable Canoe. There is something for everyone and something to love – from the beginner to experienced canoeists – about this inflatable craft.

Features and Construction

The Stearns Back Country Inflatable Canoe is made of 600 Denier polyester and covered with heavy-duty tarpaulin both of which forms the outer shell of the craft. Construction consists of a total of five separate chambers. The outside of the canoe features abrasion rails to protect against stakes, rocks, limbs, and other assorted objects that you may come in contact with when using this product.

The nice thing about the 5 chamber construction is that if one chamber fails, you simply replace it with another. The manufacturer states that this canoe can hold three people comfortably, but we would suggest no more than two at a time. One handy feature is the waterproof pocket they can handle any valuables that you may want to take along on your trip.


What we really like about the Stearns inflatable Canoe is the fact that it actually LOOKS like a canoe. The sides are high making it easy to paddle as well. There are two keels located along the bottom of the Canoe that help to track the craft in calm as well as rough water. The shape of the craft tends to help tracking anyway, but this Canoe seems to track as well as any even in windy conditions. We suggest that you use kayak paddles rather than canoe paddles. Kayak paddles are shorter and makes the job of propelling the Canoe that much easier.


The obvious advantage to an inflatable craft such as the Stearns inflatable Canoe is the fact that it is easy to transport and store. This Canoe is very easy to get in and out of the water and while it is in the water, it will stay very buoyant. Because the sides of the canoe are thinner than say, an inflatable boat, Stearns Back Country is easy to maneuver in the water as well. Another definite plus is the short amount of time getting this thing ready to sail. You would think that filling fight chambers up with air would take long, but we had this canoe in the water, fully inflated, in just under 10 minutes.


There is not a whole lot to not like about the Stearns Back Country inflatable Canoe, but there are a few things that you may find that are important, or maybe somewhat insignificant.

As with any inflatable craft, getting it completely dry can be a real challenge. Because this craft has five separate chambers, it can be very difficult to get it completely dry without spending extra time and effort to do so.

The seats of this Canoe are mediocre at best, and don’t plan on getting much back support from them. There is a one year manufacturers guarantee on the product, but it would be nice to have a three or even a five-year guarantee included.
A one year guarantee is standard in the industry, so that might be just a nitpicky complaint on our part.

Lastly, the canoe comes with an attractive carrying case, but good luck getting the canoe back into the case after its first use. It is almost impossible to do so. We suggest that you keep a large plastic carrying case in the car for storage.

Price and Value

The Stearns back country inflatable Canoe is not the cheapest on the market, but keep in mind you do get what you pay for. Look to spend around $400 on this one, but you may be able to find a used one much cheaper. Click here to check the price on Amazon.com

We give this product 4.5 stars out of five based on our experiences with it. If you are looking for a solid and well-built inflatable Canoe, the Stearns backcountry model may be just which are looking for.

Reviewed by Jon Mendleheisen

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